Work Groups

Neuromorphic Event-based Compound Eyes and Vision

This workgroup will use the model of the compound eye of a fly to drive a variety of navigation, object recognition, and visual odometry tasks using light field event driven cameras providing a collection of small «cameras». The computation required to achieve the set task will be carried out either ...

Tracking Auditory Attention

This workgroup will investigate an autonomous auditory agent that responds to both endogenous and exogenous calls for its attention. Tying back to our earlier work in Telluride on decoding attention via EEG, we will investigate how this task changes in the face of background sounds, or changes of the task ...

Neuromorphic Autonomous Agents for Exploration and Navigation of Unknown Environments

This workshop will explore mobile neuromorphic autonomous agents in spike-based algorithms and hardware. Mobile autonomous agents require different levels of sophistication based on their environment. This group will investigate spike-based solutions to map building, path planning, goal-directed decision-making, and skill learning (e.g., driving an autonomous vehicle down a corridor ...

Computational Neuroscience Talks

During the second week of the workshop, a series of advanced seminars on computational neuroscience will take place.

Neuromorphic Approaches to Drone Autonomy

The purpose of this workgroup is to explore theories, frameworks, and tools for mapping arbitrary computations onto neuromorphic chips and to apply this infrastructure to close the sensory-cognitive-motor loop in autonomous robotic drones. Students will apply this newly gained knowledge to endow drones with autonomy. The workgroup will provide familiarity ...

CEY: Object Segmentation

Event-based object segmentation

CEY: Biology

In this subgroup we plan to replicate biological experiments.

CEY: Navigation

Vision guided navigation

CEY: Calibration


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Turing Testing Telemarketers

We will use an so-far entirely unused resource for improving
man-machine interactions. This resource are telemarketers (and similar
malfaisants, like phishers) who use random-dialed telephone calls to
make unsollicited phone calls. We will subject them to a Turing test
using natural speech and use the time until they hang up ...

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4th of July Design Team

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