Work Groups

Computational Neuroscience Talks

During the second week of the workshop, a series of advanced seminars on computational neuroscience will take place.

Decoding Multi-Modal Effects on Auditory Cognition

The main focus of our group is hearing, but we'd also like to measure the influence of other sensory modalities, expectations and action. The real world involves many sources and objects within complex scenes that need to be parsed before they can be acted upon. We seek to develop reliable ...

Spike-Based Cognition in Active Neuromorphic Systems

The process of cognition is often thought to take place purely within the brain, where a representation of the external environment is formed, which is then used to plan behavioral strategies which are implemented by the body. This “feedforward model” has recently been challenged by the notion of embodied cognition ...

Neuromorphic Tactile Sensing

This workshop aims to provide tutorials on microneurography, an introduction to the neurophysiology of the peripheral nervous system, including the somatosensory system and mechanotransduction, and an examination of the state of the art in peripheral nervous system interfaces for neuroprosthetic control. It also provides an opportunity for attendees to engage ...

SPIKE: Visual Navigation

Spike-based visual navigation and localization, making use of DVS, Kinect, Turtle bot, and T-Lion Drone

SPIKE: Action Recognition on TrueNorth

Spike-based action recognition on TrueNorth (both Visual and Tactile)

TACTILE: Force Decoding

Single unit and multi unit recordings of somatosensory response to tactile stimuli

TACTILE: Gesture Recognition on TrueNorth

The objective is to perform real-time recognition of various gestures mimicking the playing of musical instruments. At the end of the workshop, we will have created a new musical instrument!

SPIKE: Spinning Ball

This workgroup works on the estimation of the trajectory of a ball using the 3D position in time and the spinning velocity, using DVS.

TACTILE: Project Beltracchi

Attempting to classify signatures and detect forgeries.

SPIKE: Object Segmentation and Recognition

This subgroup of the Spike-Based Cognition in Active Neuromorphic Systems workgroup seeks to obtain reliable object segmentation from the output of dynamic vision sensors. Specific areas of interest include the role of eye movements, and the identification of objects of interest.

Neuromorphic Path Planning for Robots in a Disaster Response Scenario

The topic area will focus on neuromorphic solutions for planning and explore how they might be deployed in real-world settings, such as disaster relief.
The illustration above depicts a disaster setting that includes a need to find and help humans, as well as various assets, in a timely manner faced ...

Discussion Groups

Workshop Staff

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Workshop Organizers

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Applied Turing Testing

Applied Turing Test: Getting 'Lenny,' the Jolly Roger Phone Company et al to actually do useful work

The idea of a Turing test (decide whether a conversational partner is human or machine) is older than any computer that anyone living today has ever used. Surprisingly, however, the methodology that ...

Telluride Ride Sharing

Board for sharing rides

Access to Workshop Network Access Storage (NAS)

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Workshop Advisory Board

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Telluride Topic Leaders

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Bio-inspired engineering of the mental subtrate of social interactions

We are interested in discussing models that account for brain states and the transition between brain states in the framework of of closed loop social interactions that include facial expressions, eye contact, autonomic (visceral reflections of emotions) and two cardinal senses that contribute to social perception and social action: vision ...

TrueNorth User Group

General Information about using TrueNorth at Telluride.


Our three board SpiNNaker system has arrived! It should be able to simulate somewhere in the order of 1 million spiking neurons: What would you guys like to try and do with it?


Link for the designs is

Link for voting is

Design 9 was voted most. We are ordering this.
Link for sending sizes.

Recreational Groups


Tennis courts are near the volleyball in the town park. See wiki:2012/TellTips#TownGrayGooseBus for the free bus schedule. Bring your own rackets.


Anyone fancy swimming? Telluride pool is in Town Park - it is outdoor and heated. On weekdays, there is a lunchtime adult lap session from 12-1pm and from 5-6 (or 5:30-6:30) depending upon the day. Open swim is from 1-5pm. On weekends, lap swim is from 11am - 12 noon ...


We'll meet for beach volleyball at the town park, at the end of Colorado Ave. toward Bridal Veil falls. See wiki:2012/TellTips#TownGrayGooseBus for the free bus schedule. Send email to the group if you want to play volleyball on a particular day.

Mountain biking

There are excellent places for beginner and advanced mountain biking just next to Telluride and also in the slickrock country about an hour's drive away. Several people have gotten broken bones, faces etc so watch it!

Hike and Photograph

We can go on short hike trips (or anywhere else around this region) to cool places to shoot some photos. This is different from the hiking group in that the purpose is not to do sports but to take photographs. We can go to peaks at sunrise/sunset, ghost towns ...


On Tuesdays and Thursdays the locals play soccer at the town park, at the end of Colorado Ave. toward Bridal Veil falls. We can also organize our own games.


Sign up here to join forces for hiking or overnite backpacking. Don't forget your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and water! And don't drink the stream water!


This active group will self-organize on momentary notice to play holdem, 7-27, omaha-8s and so forth.

Workshop Photographers

Sign up here if you are taking pictures in the Workshop or want to see all the amazing shots of our photographers! The photographers will create a common gallery (see page for details).


I brought a disc, so if anyone wants to toss, we can go to Town Park. Very casual.


If you like eating hamburgers, hot dogs, drinking beer or wine and enjoy good company, then sign up to this group!

Skits:Workshop Finale

At the end of the workshop we have the opportunity to perform skits inspired by the people and events of this years workshop. These informal skits give us an opportunity to create fun caricatures of group leaders, work groups, and anything else that you'd like to do!
Let's have some ...